Who we are ?

At Nederland Eled, we are passionate about renewable energy and its potential to transform the world. Our team of highly skilled professionals brings together extensive experience in the renewable energy industry, ensuring the successful delivery of projects from conception to completion.

As an EPC company, we provide end-to-end solutions for solar, wind, hydro, and other renewable energy projects. Our services encompass engineering design, procurement and logistics, construction and installation, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance and support. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific requirements and deliver tailor-made solutions that maximize energy generation and optimize project performance.


1. Engineering: Our experienced engineering team utilizes advanced technologies and industry best practices to design renewable energy systems that are efficient, reliable, and cost-effective. We conduct feasibility studies, site assessments, system modeling, and detailed engineering to ensure optimal project outcomes.

2. Procurement and Logistics: We have established strong relationships with leading suppliers and manufacturers in the renewable energy sector, enabling us to source high-quality components and equipment at competitive prices. Our procurement and logistics experts ensure timely delivery of materials to the project site, minimizing downtime and ensuring smooth project execution.

3. Construction and Installation: With our skilled construction and installation teams, we provide seamless project execution, adhering to the highest safety and quality standards. We efficiently manage all aspects of construction, including site preparation, equipment installation, electrical and mechanical works, and grid integration.

4. Commissioning: Our commissioning services involve rigorous testing, inspection, and verification of the renewable energy systems to ensure optimal performance and compliance with industry standards. We conduct comprehensive performance assessments and fine-tuning to maximize energy generation and minimize system downtime.

5. Maintenance and Support: We offer comprehensive maintenance and support services to ensure the long-term performance and reliability of renewable energy systems. Our proactive maintenance programs, remote monitoring capabilities, and swift response to any issues guarantee uninterrupted operation and optimal energy production.


Nederland Eled, we have completed a wide range of renewable energy projects, including large-scale solar farms, wind parks, hydroelectric facilities, and more. Our portfolio showcases our commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability. We take pride in delivering projects that make a significant impact on reducing carbon emissions and promoting a greener future.